Application Modernisation

Transform your existing legacy applications to better meet the business challenges of tomorrow

Through 2021, many businesses struggled with app modernisation and data integration across their siloed cloud infrastructure, according to IDC. To thrive in an evolving business landscape and gain business agility, enterprises will need to modernise more than half of their existing applications by 2022.

IDC likewise reports that 70% of new enterprise applications will be developed as cloud-native solutions. This lets organisations leverage cloud technologies to increase productivity, improve cost efficiencies, and support faster speed-to-market.

This is in line with observations from other analysts who have seen customers asking for more services focused on application development and cloud-native transformation capabilities.

Modernising your applications can give you:


Virtualization software can speed up IT operations


A well-designed cloud computing infrastructure can ensure business continuity and disaster recovery


Service capacity can scaled up or down with ease based on the business requirements


Because multiple users can work simultaneously on the same data, your organisation can do more and deliver better value to customers 


Users can access their data anywhere using any internet-connected devices

Our expertise

To fully harness the benefits of application modernisation, organisations need to go beyond a simple “lift-and-shift” approach to a holistic one that takes into account the existing infrastructure, security and compliance requirements, business continuity and the future requirements of the business

With our roots in application development, coupled with deep expertise in cloud infrastructure projects, Xtremax is well-positioned to advise, develop and manage your application modernisation journey.

We’ve helped clients make the shift from monolithic applications that are difficult to update and expensive to scale, to a microservices architecture that’s easier to build, update, deploy, and advance.

Whatever stage of the journey you are in, let us help you to build, modernise, integrate and secure your apps across various environments. 

Unlock the full potential of cloud computing to create value for your organisation. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.