Content Website Platform

  • To provide a hosting infrastructure that is scalable for up to 500 websites. 

  • To fasten deployment time through automation so website owner could shift their focus more on user experience. 

  • To provision one single portal with robust security and adequately governed. This portal allows website owners to customize the solution to fulfil their unique needs. 

This AWS feature enable us to provision a logically isolated section of the AWS cloud so we can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that we have defined. Isolated cloud also provides more secure connections. 


Linux is an open source operating system. Amazon Linux provides a security focused, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run linux-based applications on cloud.  

Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology like Amazon CloudFront enables us to deliver content with low latency and high transfer speeds in a secure way. So website user/visitor can feel the experience of easiness and speed. 

As the traffic grows, users may feel low performance of application. AWS ELB works by distributing network traffic to improve application scalability. So users will have no time  to  feel the slowness. 


This feature of AWS protect our web applications or APIs against common web exploits and bots that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. 

AWS Auto Scaling monitors our application's burden in the performed server. AWS Auto Scaling is reliable in managing and handling high traffic or application that needs enormous resources. So, whenever AWS Auto Scaling needs to scale up or down, it will send a command to that particular AWS service to increase/decrese the scale of services. 


To launch, run, and scale feature-rich, high-performance file systems in the cloud. Amazon FSx allows us up to focus on our applications, end users, and business.