Streamlining Hosting and Operation Services

Creating a Sustainable and Scalable Cloud Hosting Platform

The key challenge was to design and implement a cloud platform that hosts more than 500 websites and at the same time streamline the operations to ensure our Government enjoys the economics of scale. So the ministries/agencies could shift their focus into enhancing the`visitor/user experience instead of focusing the hosting as well.


The governments need to ensure that the awarding-vendor can do provisioning of services + ensure security of the website hosted through various Quality Assurance (QA), Maintenance and Security Scanning Services through CWP as one single portal.


CWP is a new platform system for govtech. Various things are in it; from web hosting, content management, user accessibility management and security.


Overcoming the Need For Manpower

Moving Towards Automation Through Self Servicing Portal

To overcome the need of a large operations team to carry out the operations and maintenance of the platform, CWP strive it’s operations towards:


  1. Automation

  2. Self-Service


To enable customers and their contractors to be able to carry out operations through self-servicing portals and develop automation engines.


The common service request such as provisioning, deployment and rollback that traditionally requires physical manpower to execute, now has been automated. Extraction of logs is also made available and therefore can be self-service by customers and their contractors.


Faster and More Efficient Deployments

96.5% of the deployments are completed within an hour of the request.

Since we did the automation of deployments, we have seen how development project have been iterating faster than before. As we all know, deployment is the most often activity of websites.

Lesser Manpower Needed

Removing the human factor to the deployment operation has also reduced the system engineer (SE) mistake up to zero (0). Because SEs are also human that may make mistake.


So, we made the automation of system, by creating the standard package template for deployment. The result is web contractor no longer needs to provide the step by step deployment guides to the SE. They can do the deployment by themselves, as long as the template is followed. As conclusion, this all template has been erase almost of all SEs mistakes.

Faster Turn Around Rate

In a review of the 2018 Q1 deployment; 96.5% of the deployments are completed within an hour of the request. This is an major improvement from the traditional Facility Management (FM) request that would have a typical SLA of 2-3 working days. The statistics have also shown that CWP is processing an average of 70 deployments on a weekday.


Currently we have more than 500 websites on CWP and still counting.


View more information on CWP here.