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One-Stop Service for Design, Development, Maintenance and Security

Here at Xtremax, you can rest easy knowing your end-to-end needs will be catered for. We are a one-suite servicing company that can handle your digital requirements  from grand ideation to robust and secure websites.



Cloud computing is an IT model that enables access to a higher-level of system resources and services. Ranging from a cloud service that are managed from a configurable web, to minimising IT infrastructure cost and improving manageability. 


As a digital industry standard, it has become crucial to businesses to self-manage their digital platforms. Cloud computing allows a more configurable provision of web services that meet each client’s budget and unpredictable business demands. Thus, it enables organisations to focus on their core businesses instead of being impeded by IT obstacles. 


How can cloud computing help you?

  • Agility
    Virtualization software to speed up the IT operations.
  • Reliability
    Well-designed cloud computing that suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Productivity
    Increased the amount of deliverable because multiple users could work simultaneously on the same data 
  • Scalability
    Service capacity can be changed at any time as the user desires, especially in scaling up or scaling down.
  • Ubiquitous
    Allowing user to access their data anywhere using any internet-connected devices.


Aligning your cloud computing services with Xtremax

Xtremax is certified with ITIL v3 certification, meaning we are qualified and standardised experts who are able to deliver the most effective IT Services Management (ITSM); meaning we are capable of strategically aligning IT with business needs and goals. 


At Xtremax, we leverage the capabilities of AWS (Amazon Web Services; Amazon’s suite of cloud-computing services) to realise the clients’ needs, wants, and expectations. Being the biggest client of AWS in Singapore, we have leveraged AWS in collaboration with GovTech to build the cloud hosting service CWP (Content Website Platform) which currently hosts more than 500 government websites.




An enterprise application is a piece of software built to help companies achieve their business goals in the quickest and most efficient manner. Its existence is a response to today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven business environment (as the result of Moore’s Law and market forces). In which every company with digitised business processes is forced to respond even better and quicker to achieve more positive growth, but in more efficient manner.  


An enterprise application has three main characteristics:

  • Large: A multi-user, multi-developer, multi-server, multi-component application that can manipulate massive data and utilise complex logic in an extensive parallel processing and network distributed resources. It can be deployed across multiple platforms and inter-operate with many other applications, and it is long lived.

  • Business Oriented: Its purpose is to meet specific business requirements. It encodes business policies, processes, rules, and entities to be digitally integrated into the organisation.  

  • Mission Critical: An enterprise application must be robust and secure enough to sustain continuous operation. It must be extremely flexible for scalability and deployment. Also, allowing efficient maintenance, monitoring, and administration. 


At Xtremax, we build enterprise applications that align with the clients characteristics, and ensure that each application is customised according to our client’s needs. Whether it is a smartphone app, e-marketing system, or e-commerce platform, the enterprise application that was built by Xtremax will automate more business processes, serve more users, and process larger amounts of data—all without compromising on agility and flexibility, of course.


Outsource to Xtremax, and outgrow your competitors.




A portal is a website that provides useful information about certain topics (typically an organisation such as a school), and contains links to other websites with supplementary information on the said topic. It is supported by a CMS.

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software used for creating and managing digital information. It usually supports multiple authors/users collaborating on a common project.

Since 2003, we have been building portals, and customising several CMSs—such as Sitecore, Sitefinity, Kentico, SharePoint and Adobe AEM—for many clients in a very user-friendly manner.


Under our watch, content management is a cinch; clients can:

  • Create and modify digital content without needing prior HTML or any programming language knowledge

  • Automation of content publishing at preset timing with just a few clicks

  • Control administrative access to their content without requiring back-end assistance from the development team




Xtremax creates customised solutions for every need: from static websites to large dynamic portals. When designing a website, we’re not only focusing on the visual design but also how the site is interacting with the users. It means Xtremax will dedicate the time and energy to fully understand your goals and objectives of the project, and tailor the best possible solution that reaches your target and beyond. With our experienced teams of digital consultants, UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, we know what makes a website work - not just from a design perspective but also in terms of interactivity, functionality and usability.


Design Process

  • Understand
    We make sure we fully understand your requirements as the first step of our relationship. One of the most crucial steps of all as this is going to be the foundation of the project.

  • Research & Analysis
    The key phase to creating an informed user experience - we take time to digest the information we receive from the last step and proceed to research and analyze.

  • Drafting
    This is the time we put what we learn on paper and prototyping. Drafting and testing ideas and wireframes to help us better evaluate if we are on the right track.

  • UI Design
    High-fidelity design is created in this phase. Beautifully designed website is one of our priority as well, we do not overlook aesthetic for usability.

  • Development
    This is where we ensure the inside function as good as the outside. Our experienced developers will turn the design into a fully functional product that fits well in all screens and devices




Apart from designing websites and customising CMSs, Xtremax excels in providing the following technical services that increase business productivity.


System Integration

System integration is the act of physically or functionally combining different application systems and pieces of software into a harmonious whole. In a business context, the “whole” would be some sort of overarching organisational goal, such as “maximise profits, minimise costs” or “streamline business processes while maintaining current profits”.


At Xtremax, we tailor every system integration to the client’s requirements, and while doing so, we continue to bear in mind the client’s overarching organisational goal. This ensures that our system integrations live up to our clients’ expectations (the most common expectation are being an increase in productivity and efficiency of their business processes).


We even take the time and effort to demystify the complexities involved in system integration for our clients when necessary—we do practice the knowledge-sharing to clients after all!





Like any great agency we are only as good as the results we deliver. Here’s a selection of our recent work and its positive impact.