As one of the pioneers of cloud solutions, we understand the opportunities and challenges businesses face as they embark on their cloud journeys.

Organisations typically follow four phases when moving to the cloud:
  1. Operational Phase

    The beginning of the journey, where organisations migrate to the cloud for operational reasons such as expiry of data centre leases or a preference for optimising operating expenses over making large, upfront capital expenditure.

  2. Governance Phase

    After migrating, businesses start to think about how to govern the cloud, focusing on issues such as security, compliance, and cost management.

  3. Enablement Phase
    This is where organisations can truly become “smart enterprises”, leveraging powerful cloud-native services that are unavailable in on-premise, legacy environments.
  4. Resilience Phase
    Organisations transition into this phase when theystart building resilience into their cloud environments, paying attention to disaster recovery and business continuity.
Wherever you are on your cloud journey — be it at the initial Operational Phase of cloud migration, or at the cusp of becoming a “smart enterprise” at the Enablement Phase — we have the right solutions for you.

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