Xtremax to Implement A Data Transformation Platform For Danone Indonesia

13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021

Leading cloud technology company, Xtremax, has been hired by Danone, a global food and beverage company, to implement a data transformation project to help the food company improve its store performance in Indonesia.


Danone’s objective is to improve store performance and merchandiser effectiveness, by enabling them to be more streamlined and efficient with their stock management. To achieve this, Xtremax will provide Danone with a complete data processing stack to enable better data integration analysis and visualization. The platform will be able to record and monitor stock availability, stock display and measure the productivity of Danone’s field representatives. Allowing them to take control and oversee the entire business, there will be no more unanswered questions. Xtremax will deploy the platform on Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment, using Snowflake as the data warehouse and Microsoft Power BI as the visualisation tool.


As a business leader in its industry, Danone has defined its own store and merchandiser performance parameters for multiple business dimensions. The more data a company can access about a specific activity, the more likely an improvement plan will be effective. Xtremax’s data management platform handles all the complexities of state, store, access and context empowering Danone’s merchanisers to make better decisions.



Yusuf Fachruddin, Danone Data Management Lead in Indonesia.


“Businesses thrive on data and the analysis of it,” said Denise Kee, CEO of Xtremax. “Danone understands this and sees Xtremax’s data transformation platform as an enabler to make data-driven decisions.”


Xtremax’s data transformation platform is built for the cloud, on the cloud. According to Gartner, spending for cloud-based database management systems will more than triple over the next four years, with forecast spending to exceed $66 billion by 2024.


This data transformation project is not Xtremax’s first. Xtremax has guided the success of many data transformation projects for other multinational companies and governments. For example,  Shell, one of the world’s leading energy companies, . Xtremax’s platform allowed Shell to consolidate and analyse equipment and lubricants data, as well as respond to operational issues quickly.


In Singapore, Xtremax also helped The Ministry of Health (MOH) on a multi-million dollar project for medical-related claims processing. Built on Xtremax’s latest cloud-based innovation, it flags out outlier medical claims, such as fraud, over-servicing, over-charging as well as possible abuse cases. This innovative solution ensures the prioritization of validated claims and since implementation has had a successful impact.