GCC Press Release

1 Nov 2018
1 Nov 2018

Xtremax wins multi-million dollar Government Commercial Cloud Infrastructure contract


Award-winning cloud technology company Xtremax, has won a 5-year contract to design, implement and operate the Government Commercial Cloud Infrastructure (GCCI).


The multi-million project is part of the Singapore Government plans for the nation’s digital future and its ambition for it to become a Smart Nation, using technology to better meet the needs for the future and to improve lives. The plans include the revamp of existing IT infrastructure in order to fully exploit the potential of new technology. The cloud platform to be designed by Xtremax, will help the government re-engineer its IT systems, which are largely housed on the premises of its various offices. The move will enable the government to realise the potential of new technology, in particular, to take optimal advantage of cloud technology.


The GCCI win follows the recent remarks on cloud technology made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the inaugural Stack 2018 Developer Conference organised by the Government Agency of Singapore (GovTech). He added that putting systems and services on the cloud would bring many benefits.

Today, nearly all government IT systems are located on the cloud premise. Governments around the world have recognised the potential for cloud computing to transform the way they invest in, deploy and access IT resources.



Cloud - Singapore’s digital ‘backbone’

Answering the call by the government to realise the potential of cloud, Xtremax will design the cloud based platform to re-engineer the government’s IT systems. The cloud platform will be the backbone of how government can fundamentally transform the way they develop government software and applications. Denise Kee, Director at Xtremax, says, “at Xtremax, we strongly believe in the power of digital transformation, and its potential in changing the way people work. GCCI is the first step towards us becoming digital to the core, but serving with heart.”


The GCCI platform will be developed and designed to manage all the resources hosted on the commercial service providers, in the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With the GCCI, the government would be able to significantly transform the way they develop software and applications. Notable governments around the world have been adopting or moving toward a cloud-first policy, intended to accelerate the pace at which governments can realise the value of cloud computing and also enable convenient on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services.These resources can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. With a greater number of services and applications going online, it is crucial to have the right infrastructure that is able to scale the organisation’s cloud environment on demand. Cloud computing offer scalability to handle growing resources to meet business demands in a capable way.


Currently, Xtremax hosts more than 500 government websites and has been a significant partner to a large number of Singapore’s government bodies.  The GCCI project is not Xtremax’s first foray into cloud. Xtremax’s extensive work in providing cloud solutions to government agencies has culminated in the creation of the Content Website Platform (CWP), which is the common cloud-hosting platform that made headlines for positive outcomes by way of streamlined and economical nature of government websites today. CWP is a highly secured platform designed and built by Xtremax in 2015.


Apart from winning the 5-year contract to design, implement and operate the GCCI,  Xtremax has recently also won a design architecture project to design the cloud infrastructure that will power Singapore’s first smart lamp post initiative, which is part of Singapore’s Smart Nation Sensor Platform project. This cloud infrastructure provides Singapore’s 110,000 lamp posts with a network of wireless sensors to transform them into “smart lamp posts”.




About Xtremax

Xtremax Pte Ltd is an established, award-winning cloud technology company whose work spans multiple segments of the IT industry. Since 2003, we have grown into a strong strategic business partner with various Singaporean government bodies, large organisations, MNCs, local businesses and educational institutions.

As a close working partner of numerous government bodies, Xtremax Singapore’s extensive work in providing cloud solutions has culminated in the creation of CWP (Content Website Platform): a common cloud platform that made headlines for making management of Singapore Government websites streamlined and economical, without compromising on security.

Today, Xtremax is a large family network of about 500 professionals across the region, including Singapore (HQ), Bandung, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.