KYB-UMW, a manufacturer of shock absorbers and hydraulic power steering, wanted to increase the capacity of their drying ovens and baking ovens with IoT so as to increase revenue and profitability. The ovens take around one hour to heat up to the ideal temperature, which means the factory operators had to wait – and lose an extra hour every morning. With IoT, the ovens could be turned on and off remotely, and be ready for production once the factory staff arrive at work.  

Another challenge is when the ovens are not operating within the ideal temperature. When this occurs, the conveyor belt will stop automatically, halting the manufacturing process.  With no built-in alerts, it would typically take the factory operator an average of 1.5 hours before realising that the conveyor belt has stopped operating.  

We provided a POC to KYB-UMW free-of-charge to undertake and showcase our IoT mobile application in late 2022. 

With the use of our mobile app, the factory operators are now able to manage the ovens remotely. This allows the staff to start work immediately upon reaching without wasting any idle time waiting. They are also be able to view the operating status in real time while working on other tasks.

An Alert/Notification functionality was also developed on the mobile application, sending alerts to the factory operators when the ovens are not working within the ideal temperature. This is a key feature which positively impacts the productivity of the ovens and the staff. With real time monitoring on the app, the factory operators are freed up to work on other duties while the ovens operate independently.


Xtremax was appointed due to our initiative, understanding of the situation, and the development of a real-time and user-friendly mobile application that is able to depict the actual scenario accurately. 


We have implemented IoT onto 1 baking oven and 1 drying oven for KYB-UMW.  By provisioning the mobile application, KYB-UMW is now capable of:

  • Viewing real-time machine status
  • Viewing historical machine data
  • Controlling the machines remotely (on/off)
  • Receiving alerts and notification in real time