What is AWS Systems Manager Used For?

10 Oct 2021
What is AWS Systems Manager Used For?
10 Oct 2021

Patch management is the method of keeping systems up to date and capable of resisting cyber-attacks. If technical vulnerabilities are discovered, it is possible for cyber criminals to exploit them. Hence it is important that these updates are managed properly so the lates patches or code changes can be installed timely to fix any vulnerabilities.

Traditionally, patch management relies on the assigned team to routinely check for missing patches through a scheduled scan. Once the scans show missing updates, team must do the updates to keep the system up to date. These process repeats each time there is a plan on updates. This process requires a dedicated team to manually monitor these updates which is prone to human error, and result in extensive decision making on the patches to be done, including testing of these patches before the real implementation.

AWS Systems Manager is one of AWS services which can be used for automated patch management.

What is AWS Systems Manager used for?

AWS Systems Manager allows secure end-to-end management solution for hybrid cloud environments.


Features of AWS Systems Manager

  1. Incident Manager
    AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager allows monitoring of critical application and performance issues and help faster resolution with automated response plans.

  2. Application Manager
    AWS Systems Manager Application Manager uses AWS resources used in an application to investigate and fix issues and creating a seamless operational flow.

  3. Change Manager
    AWS Systems Manager Change Manager allows safe and simple changes implementation by using pre-approved change workflows. It also has automatic notification to impacted team through detection of schedule conflicts.

  4. Patch Manager
    AWS Systems Manager allows automatic patches deployment of operating system and software. Rules to auto-approve patches to be installed can be set so decision to approve or reject patches can be done automatically. It also has customizable key insights dashboard to monitor insights and analysis of the operational health and performance of the environment.

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