Intelligent AWS Chatbot for Managed Services 

31 Mar 2022
Intelligent AWS Chatbot for Managed Services
31 Mar 2022

Operating a system across multiple environments is challenging enough. Organizations transforming into digitalization are often surprised by the high costs of their Traditional MSP services and struggle to manage frameworks and governance across the organization. To answer this challenge there are AWS tools that can leverage the traditional system into more intelligent. 

The answer is automation, it helps MSP to save resources and time to do the operation. For example, in managing the customer request which usually comes to MSP portal, traditionally there is a person who answers those requests or questions manually. We can imagine how much resources need to be allocated on these particular activities. The next generation MSP can use the advanced technology on AWS to solve this problem.  By using Amazon Lex, it helps to manage all of those question automatically, and decreasing the resources for that activity. 




Many well-reputed companies have taken the services of Amazon Lex. Here the benefits of Amazon Lex: 

Easy to Use 

Amazon Lex offers easy-to-use console and does not show its complicated algorithm to the developer or the user. It is a great tool which enables the developer to provide just a few example phrases while developing an AWS chatbot service, and it creates its own complete natural language models. With this model only the chatbot can have a conversation with the end-user. 


Amazon Lex does not have any minimum fee. Interested buyers can also opt for a free tier option without any advance investment. 

Built-in integration with the AWS 

Amazon Lex has built-in integration with other AWS services like Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Mobile Hub. 

Deep Expertise is not a must 

Amazon Lex provides ASR and NLU technologies to create a Speech-Language Understanding (SLU) system which is one of the most complicated parts of the service. Amazon Lex has the deep learning algorithm which converts the speech to text, allowing the developer to focus on the chatbot their organization needs instead of creating complicated algorithms. 

Seamless deployment 

Amazon Lex allows the developer to build, test, and deploy the AWS chatbot directly from the Amazon Console. You can publish it on mobile devices, web apps, and chat services easily. 

In summary, based on the goals of AWS NextGen Managed Service Provider which redefines the Traditional MSP business model and the go-to-market strategies. MSP need to have a transformation framework that assesses the organization’s current capability and provides a structured approach to a DevOps transition. With AWS Powered NextGen MSP, the organizations can install Amazon n Lex to build Conversation Bots as a communication medium through B2B/ B2C portals. These build conversation bots are adaptable and can be customized based on the requests from the customers. 

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