Amazon Web Services

Who We Are  

Xtremax is a marker leader in cloud solutions and digital transformation in Southeast Asia. We have been involved in the implementation of large-scale platforms that leverage on the public cloud for the deployment of SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions. We also have experience in the implementation of hybrid cloud solutions where on-premises workloads connect seamlessly with cloud workloads. 

Whether you are looking for leverage AWS (Amazon Web Services) for agility, cost savings, innovation, operational efficiency, or all of them, we believe that we are more than able to go with you to get to your destination.  


Specific Solution  

For each AWS Solution below, we elaborate our expertise and competencies: 


Case Study 

The following is our best Case Study that describe what we deliver to clients:

Customer Experiences

Thanks for delivering a great new BBB site and hopefully a wonderful experience for our users. In my opinion, it is the best site which Xtremax has developed for NHB in terms of design and user experience. The design is modern, chic and exudes a very "lifestyle" vibe which reflects the nature of our business well. Keep up the excellent work, greatly appreciate it. 

Nicholas Chen, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager of National Heritage Board 

“The existing App Team has provided tremendous support for both CGS & PHC websites. Keep up the good work!” 

(Fion Tan, Business Analyst, NEA Microsites) 


“ Overall, the team managing the system has been professional esp shown during the Bug Bounty Programme where the technical team has to follow-up with checks beyond office hours.” 

(Pan Zhengwei , Deputy Head eWorkplace, DSTA) 


”The Singstat website team was awesome in responding to DOS queries and timelines in resolve issue especially pertaining to GBBP pre-period. I like to thanks Kristin and team who put in 110% effort to prepare for the pre-GBBP which resulted in zero vulnerability reported. A job well done to the team. Thank you.” 

(Scott See, Business Analyst, DOS) 


“Faster turnaround on response, assessments and bug fixes” 

(Teng Kuay Lau, Project Manager, MOE & SBAG)