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Xtremax is a market leader in cloud solutions and digital transformation in Southeast Asia. We have been involved in the implementation of large-scale platforms that leverage on the public cloud for the deployment of SaaS (Software as a Service) based solutions. We also have experience in the implementation of hybrid cloud solutions where on-premises workloads connect seamlessly with cloud workloads.

Whether you're looking to gain deeper insights from your data while lowering costs with AWS machine learning services, or transform your legacy applications for increased scalability and speed to market, as a Managed Service Provider of AWS, we're well-positioned to partner you on your journey.

Who Xtremax Are

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

These days, an increased number of businesses are turning to the Cloud to stay ahead of the competition. But how can you be sure your spending is optimized?

With Xtremax's cloud cost monitoring, we ensure your infrastructure works in a way that benefits you, keeping costs at a minimum and productivity at an all-time high. And, as we're AWS and Microsoft Azure partners, we can support you regardless of your preference.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

An increasing amount of companies are building in the Cloud, putting a fresh spotlight on the expenditure for companies and engineers alike. So, how do you keep on top of it all and ensure you're not overpaying?

For companies reliant on the Cloud, some are starting to adopt cloud cost optimization strategies to develop a better understanding - and enhanced control - of the costs associated with their cloud-based systems whilst continuing to maximize their chosen solutions for improved efficiencies. At Xtremax, we can provide Cloud cost monitoring and optimization services.

Xtremax's Cloud Cost Optimisation

Any migration to the Cloud comes at a cost, but with a seemingly endless list of Cloud partners to choose from to track spending, why should you choose Xtremax? Our Cloud cost optimization offering features a combination of strategies, techniques and best practices to ensure your business maximizes the value of the Cloud.

We'll work with you to identify and reduce mismanaged or excess resources whilst taking advantage of connections and relationships to keep costs down, no matter the applications or workloads in your Cloud environment.

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How are AWS managed services used in practice? The following case studies offer a look at the solutions we deliver to clients and how they're used:

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